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Want something beyond the standard? Olympic Pools has the ability to model your pool and poolside area into something not short of spectacular.

Do you have a dream for your garden that involves a pool or water features? Would you like a pond seamlessly merged into a swimming pool? Or how about a 1920s retro pool to fit in with your vintage styled luxury house?

Expert Construction Techniques

Olympic Pools have the techniques and expertise to turn your garden into a breath-taking area of elegance. Our service uses proven systems of construction together with innovative structures to deliver a timeless beauty to any garden.

From reflection pools that sit still in your garden, reflecting your plants, features and the natural light in a motionless black reflection, through to opulent classical designs complete with columns and plinths, no matter what style you desire, we can build it for you.

Pool Design Only Limited by Your Imagination

We can make your design ideas come true… With construction that stretches beyond the water.

Designed Specifically for You

Whether you have your own ideas or are looking for a completely bold and expressive design, our knowledge and understanding of the possibilities of current construction methods allows us to evolve a unique and individual design for you.

It is every part of our innovative pools that makes them into stand out features. Tiny details like LED lights and perfect cementing ensure that every element of your pool and its construction plays a part in its elegance. 

What would your perfect pool look like?

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The art of placement

We can make your design ideas come true… With construction that stretches beyond the water.

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Your property deserves a pool as original as you

Our Service – Your Garden 

Working alongside your architect or structural engineer, it is possible for you to build all kinds of ingenious designs with internal pools, tunnels and integrated designs. Our skilled construction team understands how to contruct exciting and clever pools and features both on budget and as part of a larger project.